Workforce Diversity & Inclusion – Webinar


Course Outline

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is a continually evolving themes.Because of this, there is important as professionals to keep this conversation alive. Dignity and respect are at the heart of this topic of Diversity and Inclusion, and each of us can take personal responsibility to help create a place of belonging within our place of work.This includes identifying any judgments and stereotypes we might carry, which are usually expressed in the form of unconscious bias.
When we take time to reflect on our own diversity and inclusion journey, we can learn to overcome our own biases and create an environment of psychological safety for all.
This 2-hour online workshop will explore ideas such as dignity and respect, judgments and stereotypes, unconscious bias, and will give participants time to reflect on the lifelong learning process of stereotypes and prejudice and how we can learn to overcome these battles when given the chance.

Topics Include:

  1. Definitions of dignity and respect
  2. How we form judgments and stereotypes
  3. The power of Unconscious Bias
  4. Effective Communication & Language that promotes Dignity & Respect
  5. How to be your Best Self in the Workplace
2 Hours
Start & Finish Time
10:00am - 12:00pm