Economic recovery and resilience

Maintenance of international competitiveness and pandemic supports.

International & regional connectivity

Air, sea and intercity connectivity is evolving and often turbulent requiring constant support.

Housing & apartment delivery

For the economy to grow, all workers need homes. City living and housing delivery is critical.

Championing issues relevant to Cork

We represent business in Cork and work to ensure Government allocations are made in line with Ireland 2040.

Climate, sustainability and renewable energy

If we do not meet our 2030 goals Ireland will lose a competitive edge and economic opportunity.

Mixed mobility Infrastructure, road, rail, bus, cycle and walk

If Cork is to meet it’s 2040 growth plans and still function, comprehensive infrastructure for an eclectic mix of transport modes will be required.

Public realm, green spaces and quality of life infrastructure

We support positive projects. For Cork to attract, it must be a place of community and nature.

Celebrating success and positivity

We champion Cork and shout from the rooftops when progress is made. We tell your story.

Our Mandate

Our agenda is defined by our members

What we do

We work strategically and tactically to create a positive legacy for Cork.

Quarterly economic trends

The Cork Chamber quarterly report on member business experiences, and outlook on the quarter ahead.