The Experience

Our International team has years of experience supporting companies to ensure the safe passage of goods and produce across the world. We deliver an accurate, trusted service for the issue of certified export documents either through our online processing platform, counter service or via post. The process of international trade can be difficult when it comes to paperwork and form filling.

Our experienced team can guide you through the process. We offer a variety of services including:

  • A certification service for Certificates of Origin (both EU and Arab Irish Certificates of origin)
  • Provide a consular service for documents to be notarised and/or Apostilled and/or legalisation service with embassies.
  • Access to up to date information on regulations and custom requirements
  • Certification of other commercial documents e.g. Commercial invoices, packing slips, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Company Reports etc

Certificates of Origin

What you are exporting and where you are exporting to will play a major role in determining the export documentation that you require. A Certificate of Origin is a document proving that goods in a particular export shipment are produced or manufactured in a particular country origin to satisfy customs or trade requirements.


How to Register

To register with your company with Cork Chamber for certification of export documentation, you must provide the following:

  • An Indemnity Form must be completed by the company before the Chamber can provide certification service. The undertaking of indemnification is needed with respect to information provided by the company to the Chamber. The company agrees to abide by standard rules and indemnifies the Chamber against inaccuracy of documents or misleading information. The applicant must be based in the 26 counties and be registered with the Companies Registration Office. The Indemnity Form is available from Cork Chamber and is renewed annually.
  • A list of authorised signatories for the company on the company’s headed paper, (with sample of signature) is also required. The signatories will be authorised to sign applications for certificates on behalf of the company: the (pink) application form of the European Certificate of Origin or the blue & green sheets of the Arab-Irish Certificate of Origin and documentation will only be accepted from those on the authorised list.
  • Non-members of Cork Chamber must supply the Chamber with a bankers reference. This must confirm that the company maintains an account with the bank.
  • If your company is VAT exempt, provide a copy of Form 56B
  • A copy of your company’s Certificate of Incorporation.

Documents to be supplied

  • Commercial Invoice and Packing list
  • If the goods are of foreign origin we require commercial documentary proof such as a copy or the Certificate of origin provided by the manufacturer, a Manufacturer’s commercial invoice or a Suppliers Declaration.


Cork Chamber can provide legalisation service, please contact Imelda or Leigh to discuss your requirements. Certificates of Origin, invoices and other supporting documents requiring embassy legalisation must be originally signed and submitted to Cork Chamber. Embassies will only legalise original documents bearing original wet stamps and signatures. The signatory on documents must be an authorise signatory as registered on Indemnity Form on file with Cork Chamber.

Our Export Team

If you require certification of a document, want more information or to discuss your requirements speak to our export documentation expert Imelda Mulcahy.

Maximise your time and minimise your worries contact our export team

Imelda Mulcahy
Export Documentation Manager
Imelda Mulcahy
Imelda Mulcahy
Export Documentation Manager

Imelda is the Export Documentation Manager with responsibility for all export services at Cork Chamber. This includes Certificates of Origin, Notarisation and Legalisation of documentation required for exporting. Imelda is also responsible for meeting the Chambers statutory obligations to Chambers Ireland as an authorised Chamber of the issuance of Certificates of Origin. With over 20 years’ experience Imelda has vast knowledge of the export documentation process and is always ready to assist member companies with their documentation requirements.