Sustainable Cork Programme Survey and Report

This forum comprised of Chamber board members and additional representatives is specifically tasked to boost the impact of sustainable business across Cork’s businesses and community. The formation and work of this Council is influenced, guided and consistent with our formal pledge to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which we continue to embed, evolve and push with urgency.

The Council will assist the Board in informing and developing strategy on sustainability, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles and specifically on Cork Chamber’s leadership and actions on five selected UN Sustainable Development Goals.
The Council will be integral to evolving our work and ensuring Cork Chamber is at the forefront of a positive, confident and well-informed business community that is working sustainably towards securing our future.

Brochure: Building Economic Resilience

‘Building Economic Resilience’, a report launched in mid 2020, was grounded in quantitative research and sectoral focus groups. It opened up broad discussion and provided Cork Chamber with a mandate to be ambitious in our vision for Cork, to think big and empower our members to set the business sustainability agenda.

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