Practical Productivity Using MS Outlook


Course Dates

Iteration 1

  • Module 1: Tuesday 17th October – 9:30am – 11am
  • Module 2: Wednesday 18th October – 9:30am – 11am
  • Module 3: Wednesday 19th October – 9:30am – 11am


This Practical Productivity training course will provide you with a totally practical and workable solution to managing your workload and time more effectively.

This is not a standard Time Management training course.  Although we cover ‘Time Management Best Practice’ at the beginning of the day, unless there is a practical way of actually applying that theory, it is just that – ‘Theory’.  Therefore, the emphasis of the day is on the practical application of that theory using Microsoft Outlook as the tool.

Do not let e-mail control your day – instead, you can take control through the customisation of MS Outlook and by using various features & tools within Outlook.

Learn how to prioritise, set, manage and achieve realistic goals & tasks you set for yourself. Learn how to share information with other users and work more effectively as a group.

  • All participants will be provided with an E-Bridge email address and phone number for any queries or questions that may arise following the training.
  • All participants will be given access to a library of tutorials by way of an email containing the links to the relevant topics. As we record these tutorials ourselves the content/examples used will match those used during the classroom training. As a result, the participants will find them to be relevant and easy to follow. The tutorials will be available to participants for a limited time period (6 months following the course).
  • A Cork Chamber Skillnet / E-Bridge Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to each participant on completion of all courses. A sample copy is attached for your approval.
  • This course is also a CPD accredited course accounting for 6 hours of approved CPD credit.

Schedule Outline


  • Overview of Time Management Best Practices
  • Customisation of MS Outlook
  • MS Outlook shortcut keys
  • Navigate / Forward / Reply
  • Working with attachments
  • Creating and working with signatures
  • Creating and working with Quick Parts
  • Creating and working with Quick Steps
  • The 4 D’s
  • Working with Tasks
  • Creating Tasks
  • Re-dating Tasks
  • Working with bigger tasks
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Completing Tasks
  • Creating a logical folder structure for storing / managing email
  • Creating tasks directly from an email
  • Grouping related work
  • Delegating and following up on time
  • Categorising tasks / Viewing tasks by category
  • Planning realistic days
  • Empty your Inbox



  • Review the main points already covered on PPO 1
  • Working with the calendar
  • Creating, editing, moving calendar entries
  • Recurring entries
  • Meeting invitations
  • Colour coding
  • Sharing your calendar and accessing other calendars
  • Printing your calendar
  • Working with People/Contacts
  • Creating Contacts and Groups
  • Gathering contact information directly from an email
  • Creating and working with Rules and Alerts
  • Introducing the ‘To-Do’ App – View and synchronise your Outlook tasks on your mobile phone

Who Should Attend?

If you feel overwhelmed by emails and workload and believe that…. “There aren’t enough hours in the day”.  If you would like a practical solution that can immediately be implemented on return to the office then this course is for you.

This course can also be run as an in-company programme delivered on-site to meet your specific requirements. For more information on in-company delivery, or if you have any questions regarding this course, please Click Here.

3 X 1.5 Hours
Start & Finish Time
9:30am - 11:00am
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