Developing Your Digital Marketing Campaigns



This workshop will give the participants the skills, tools and knowledge to be able to develop, implement and
measure their digital marketing campaigns and be able to budget for the next 6-12 months.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the training each participant will:

  • Have a structured framework to be able to develop your digital marketing campaigns
  • Have developed a new online campaign taking into account at least two digital marketing channels.

Course Content

  • Understanding the customer’s online journey and why it is important to the success of a digital marketing campaign.
  • Key steps in planning a digital marketing campaign.
  • Understanding how to use digital marketing channels together to create an integrated digital marketing campaign.
  • Planning their strategy using the SOSTAC© & RACE frameworks. Breaking down the frameworks into easy-to-understand segments and how they can use these frameworks to plan their digital marketing campaigns.
  • Key channel overview (SEO, social media, Google ads and email marketing) and how the channels can work together to achieve the business goals/objectives.
  • Measuring the success of the campaign.
  • Creating their next campaign
  • Budgeting for channels and campaigns
  • Q & A throughout

Practical elements

  • Allocating time and budget
  • Planning their next campaign

All participants will be provided with an electronic copy of a digital marketing planning template and worksheets to be completed during the workshop. To take part in the practical elements all participants should bring a fully charged laptop (not a tablet) for this workshop.

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1X 3hour session
Start & Finish Time
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
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