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Thank you for your booking for {{COURSE_NAME}} commencing on {{STARTING_DATE}}.

We will be in touch a few days before the course starts to confirm details such as venue, start & finish time etc. Please feel free to contact us in the meantime if you have any queries.

Cancellations made in the final 72 hours before a course commences will be charged in full.

As an ongoing quality control measure and to ensure the highest possible standard of training, courses may be inspected from time to time.

Contacting the Cork Chamber Skillnet Team:

Kate Murray, Training Network Executive
Tel: 021-4530142

Garrett O’ Rourke, Training Network Manager
Tel: 021-4530141


    This online course is suitable for those with a busy schedule and is adaptable to the challenges of every lifestyle. Participants can attend the live course at the times outlined below and will have access to the recorded courses for 6 months after completion.

    A trainer will be on hand after each module to answer trainee questions and participants will have access to a dedicated trainer email for queries after the course is completed.

    If you’re unable to attend the live courses, a recorded copy of the course will be provided to you also along with all relevant course files and documents!

    Course Dates

    • Module 6: 26th March – 11:00am – 12:30pm
    • Module 7: 31st March – 09:30am – 11:00am
    • Module 8: 31st March – 11:30am – 01:00pm
    • Module 9:  1st April – 09:30am – 10:30am
    • Module 10: 1st April – 11:00am – 12:30pm

    Schedule Outline  

    Excel 6: Working with Dates / Protecting worksheet and workbook content including Data Validation.

    • Working with Dates
    • Understanding how Excel sees dates
    • Calculating the difference between 2 dates
    • The TODAY Function
    • Calculating Age
    • Using the Text Function with dates
    • Text to Columns to convert date format
    • Protecting worksheets, workbooks and restricting input.
    • Data Validation – Text, Numbers, Drop-Down List.
    • Locking cells and enforcing protection
    • Password protecting workbooks

    Excel 7: More on Functions – Named Ranges / Subtotals / SUMIFS / COUNTIFS / IF Function (and / or), Nested Functions / IFERROR

    • Creating / Using Range Names /Amending
    • Working with the Subtotals Excel functionality
    • Writing and Understanding the IF Function
    • Using IF with AND / OR
    • Created Nested IF Functions.
    • Using IFERROR

    Excel 8: More on Functions VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP

    • Recap on creating and using named ranges.
    • Writing and understanding the VLOOKUP Function.
    • Exact / Approximate match
    • XLOOKUP – Excel 2019 / 365 only
    • Writing and understanding the XLOOKUP Function
    • Basic XLOOKUP
    • XLOOKUP – [if_not_found] argument
    • Search Mode argument

    Excel 9: Advanced Data Analysis – Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts

    • Creating and understanding a basic Pivot Table
    • Filtering Data
    • Refreshing a Pivot Table / Refresh automatically on opening
    • Using the Pivot Table Design Ribbon
    • Resizing columns and preserving column widths
    • Grouping Dates / Grouping Fields
    • Using Slicers with Pivot Tables
    • Creating / Modifying Calculated Fields
    • Creating and Modifying Pivot Charts

    Excel Webinar 10: Recording and Editing Macros

    • Recording simple macros
    • The VB Editor
    • A brief explanation of VBA code
    • Assigning macros to buttons
    • Building a macro to open a file and copy data
    • Using variables
    • Assigning macros to the Ribbon

    Who Should Attend?  

    • This course is designed to follow-on from MS Excel Level Two (Intermediate).  Having already familiarised yourself with the most efficient way of performing everyday tasks and now that you have mastered the more commonly used Intermediate topics, it is now time to build on that knowledge.  A large proportion of the course is dedicated to managing and manipulating lists of information from working with tables & slicers up to creating and working with Pivot Tables.
    • Useful functions such as IF and VLOOKUP are covered in addition to automating tasks using Macros etc.  It is highly recommended that you first attend the Excel Level Two (Intermediate) course before attending this advanced course if you are not already fully familiar with the Intermediate topics.
    • All participants will be given access recordings of the webinars by way of an email along with copies of files used and User Reference Material. These will be available to participants for 6 months following the course.
    • A Cork Chamber Skillnet / E-Bridge Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to each participant on completion of all courses. A sample copy is attached for your approval.

    Entry Requirements

    Ideally, those attending should have already attended the Excel Intermediate course or have an equivalent skill level.  If you have a very basic knowledge of Excel, it is recommended that you attend the Excel Intermediate course in advance.

    This course can also be run as an in-company programme delivered on-site to meet your specific requirements. For more information on in-company delivery, or if you have any questions regarding this course, please Click Here.

    About this Form

    The purpose of this booking form is to gather profile information about participants on programmes funded by Skillnet Ireland from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education & Skills (DES). Only aggregated participant data will be reported to the DES.

    As an ongoing quality control measure and to ensure the highest possible standard of training, courses may be inspected from time to time.

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