GDPR – 5 Key Benefits for your Marketing Strategy

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Media speculation around the impact of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has put huge pressure on marketing teams to clean up their data. With huge fines and possible reputation damage on the line it’s definitely time to get all of your data in order.

Give Data Proper Respect

In the world of marketing, access to data is paramount in creating successful campaigns. GDPR brings a lot of opportunities to the table whilst raising the bar for innovative marketing techniques that deliver better results.

1.      Data Quality

Often marketers tend to have a habit of being interested in the volume of data rather than the quality of the data.

GDPR will in itself create higher quality authentic data.

Research shows that younger generations in particular are exceptionally good at tuning out irrelevant advertising. Better data will create better ad experiences.

Under the new rules you will need an opt-in policy instead of an opt-out one. Helping you wash away the noisy irrelevant data and focus on the customer verified data to better target your audience. It will allow you to create more meaningful, tailored experiences which people respond to. This will make your marketing strategy stronger and increase your return on investment.

2.       More Effective Email Marketing

Everyone is going to see a drop off on their email marketing list. Que panic. If they’re not engaging to begin with? How much to they really matter? This is going to be a reduction in volume and not quality resulting in a more engaged and interactive marketing list.

By focusing on your customers who actually want to engage in your marketing then you are going to see increased open rates, click through rates and other engagements. This focus on your target audience(s) will create better brand loyalty, give you the opportunity to tailor your messaging and foster stronger experiences for your customers.

3.      Encourage Creativity in your Organisation

No longer will the sign up here for a coupon technique be relevant when GDPR comes into effect. Companies are going to have to think outside the box. Find new ways to give customers an incentive to part with their personal data and more so – trust you with it.

Rise above the impact of GDPR by bringing your “A” game when planning on how to engage consumers in a more compelling and meaningful way. Creating more value for the customer and in turn your campaign.

Regularly review your data strategy and customer journeys. If you rely on soft opt-ins to find new leads you will have to completely rethink your acquisition process. If you send dynamic content to various target segments, to be more transparent about how you build customer profiles.

4.      Avoid Bad PR

Stopping any possibility of a breach of data should be reduced if you are a compliant organisation. No business wants to deal with the negativity around bad PR and data.

GDPR is about privacy, which is only becoming a bigger concern by the day for consumers. As well as avoiding bad PR, GDPR gives you the opportunity to show your customers that you care about them as a person, reduce consumer mistrust and that trust will go a long way in gaining customer loyalty and reduce any disconnect with your audience.

People are suspicious about how their data as used, so be transparent and proactive.

5.      Your Moment to Stand Out from the Crowd and Increase ROI

GDPR will give you the opportunity to lead your marketing in a personalised more human manner. Automated marketing will need to appear more personalised and anything that can be done to change a strategy to personalised human engagement will benefit your company post GDPR.

Stand out from your competitors by showing your audience that you are GDPR compliant and make every possible effort to keep your data safe and transparent.

No longer will you be wasting your marketing budget on umbrella marketing campaigns trying to target everyone, but instead you will be able to focus more clearly on your target audience with personalised messaging and marketing which increases engagement. Provide value to your customers and show that you value their data in return.

Don’t waste the opportunity GDPR gives you to have quality data that you can use more strategically.

Looking for more information? Here in Cork Chamber, our training department – BiznetCork Skillnet provides a range of training that can help you both with your digital strategy and GDPR compliance.

GDPR ½ day Seminar 11th May 2018

GDPR Full Day Session 23rd May 2018

Digital Marketing/Social Media for Business July 5th

Google Analytics May 24th 2018

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