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Cork: The Best Place to do Business

With a proud reputation as a creative, innovative and vibrant city region, Cork continues to go from strength to strength, capturing the interest of those seeking to be part of a city region firmly focused on leading and innovating.

Project Ireland 2040

Project Ireland 2040 recognises Cork as Ireland’s second City region, with Cork set to take 20% of the expected national 1 million population growth. The City and region at large is changing at pace. We have new office spaces under development and in the pipeline, new housing and apartment developments and the ongoing implementation of the Cork City Centre Movement strategy which is proactively seeking to improve traffic movement. We have a quality of life and a quality of environment in Cork City that we would find hard to match elsewhere.

Cork is set to be the fastest growing city in Ireland over the next 20 years with the metropolitan population expected to hit half a million, and over the next three years our city centre will see more than 5,000 extra jobs across a range of sectors.

We Are Cork

Cork is the capital of the South of Ireland and the Republic of Ireland’s second largest city region and economic engine. It is a thriving and ever-expanding hub of economic, industrial, research and business development activities. Indeed, over the last 30 years, Cork has consistently attracted many of the world’s largest companies and is now home to global market leaders in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, ICT, cybersecurity, biotechnology, professional services and international financial services. It is no coincidence that such major corporations as Dell EMC, Pepsico, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lily, Amazon, and Apple have chosen Cork as their European base to their worldwide operations.

Just as importantly, Cork has also succeeded in thriving from within with the growth of indigenous homegrown businesses such as, Ballymaloe and Musgraves. This entrepreneurial spirit has undoubtedly added to the unique flavour and ‘can do’ attitude of the region.

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Cork has the track record

With a population of over half a million, Cork is a strong performing region across a range of indicators. It is a complementary growth region to the overheating Dublin centred growth on the East Coast.

It is widely recognised that based on its natural advantages such as scale, availability of natural resources and critical mass, Cork has the strongest and most immediate possibilities as a growth centre.

Cork has the skilled graduates

It is a dynamic, research orientated University City with a third level student population in excess of 40,000 students ensuring an influx of highly skilled and highly educated graduates to the jobs market each year.

Cork offers world class higher education institutions, with Cork Institute of Technology recognised as a world leader with a first class reputation for fostering a culture of innovation. University College Cork is recognised internationally for its scientific excellence and its world class research teams and as a result is the best funded research universities in Ireland.

Cork has the Research and Development

Cork possesses world renowned research institutes with:

  • Tyndall National Research Institute focusing on photonics, electronics, materials, nanotechnologies and ICT.
  • the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre pioneering the disciplines of gastrointestinal health.
  • Moorepark Dairy and Food Research Centre is one of the world’s leading research centres specialising in pasture based systems of milk production.
  • MaREI, the marine and renewable energy research, development and innovation centre.
  • The NIMBUS Centre for Research in Networked Embedded Systems, based in Cork Institute of Technology, is Ireland’s only research centre devoted to the field of embedded electronic systems and,
  • The Rubicon Centre, Ireland’s premier Business Incubation Centre established to assist the formation and growth of early stage, knowledge intensive businesses.

There is no doubt that the technologies, services and systems developed through the work of these dedicated centres will be pivotal in shaping future progress.

Cork has the infrastructure

Cork has the connections both nationally and internationally ensuring it’s positioning as a key influence in the economic growth and diversity of the island of Ireland. With an international airport, large sheltered deep-water port facility, Cork enjoys direct access to the US and over 50 European destinations. With principal hubs such as London, Boston, Amsterdam and Paris making it strategic and convenient.

Our road and rail connections enable travel between Dublin and Cork in less than two and a half hours, with the M20 Cork to Limerick motorway redevelopment getting the green light most recently, bringing Ireland’s second and third City closer than ever.

Cork has the entrepreneurs and the innovation culture

The entrepreneurial spirit of the Irish people is highlighted time and again as a trait that impresses our global counterparts and Cork has recognised this potential. Cork Innovates was established in 2011 offering guidance to support entrepreneurs on all services available in the region, and is driven to ‘offer entrepreneurs globally and locally the best environment to start, grow and stay their business successfully’.

What’s more Cork has established and growing clusters in ICT, pharma, life-sciences, cyber security, energy, marine, agri-food, and financial services.

Cork has the digital connectivity  

From a digital connectivity perspective, the Metropolitan Cork area boasts vital high capacity Tier 1 Express fibre connectivity. This offers the lowest latency in the EU to the East Coast of the US, connecting Cork with vital digital and financial markets in the US and UK.

Our digital infrastructure enables the Cork area making it ready to attract, accommodate and grow Ireland’s national capacity for next generation digital and financial companies.

Cork has the natural resources

Cork has leapt forward in its approach to harnessing the potential of its abundant natural resources with the potential of natural gas, hydroelectric, onshore wind, biomass, geothermal and solar energy.

In 2018, EirGrid announced Cork as the likely location for a new subsea cable connecting Ireland directly to mainland Europe. This will enable the ability to import and export 700 megawatts (MW) of electricity, the equivalent of supplying power to around 450,000 homes. Energy security is what is needed for the future, and the best route to this is via supply diversification.

Considering the agricultural, food and drinks sector, Cork has naturally rich resources including dairy, beef, fish, shellfish, artisan foods, brewing and distilling. Cork is home to the gourmet capital of Kinsale, the English market, Ballymaloe, Ireland’s only seafood development centre, Jameson distillery, Musgraves and Dairygold, to name but a few.

Cork has the lifestyle

It is not by chance that Cork is the second most visited domestic tourism destination in Ireland after Dublin, consistently ranking within Ireland’s top three international tourism destinations. Cork has a rich cultural heritage and is home to two of the top ten most visited tourism attractions in Ireland, Fota Wildlife Park and Blarney Castle, as well as being the gateway to the Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

Cork offers an attractive quality of life

The Cork City region is compact and free from urban sprawl with mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches and the spectacular Atlantic coastline just a short drive from the city.

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Come and see for yourself

And so, the doors are open and the scene is set.

We invite you to learn more about the region of Cork and what it can offer to you and to the future growth of your business.

We look forward to meeting you.


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