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Bus Prioritisation Cork City

Cork will be the fastest growing city in Ireland over the next 20 years. Our metropolitan population is expected to hit half a million, and over the next three years our city centre will see more than 5,000 extra jobs and 1,000 extra hotel beds.

Such growth is really exciting for everyone in Cork. It is of a scale that has not been seen for decades, creating whole new opportunities for businesses throughout the region. But growth also means we must start making some changes. To ensure we can continue to enjoy living, spending and working in our city. Make it more sustainable, less congested, more efficient.

So, on August 9th a priority bus corridor will be introduced on St. Patrick Street between 15.00-18.30.


Public transport prioritisation on St. Patrick Street is only one step in a much larger plan to keep Cork moving and meet the needs of a growing city with more people and more jobs. It is the second phase of a plan known as the City Centre Movement Strategy (CCMS) which seeks to improve the routing of traffic around the city and create space for better public transport, which in turn will improve reliability of bus services.

Why St. Patrick Street?

2,637 bus journeys happen every day in Cork city of which almost 1,000 pass through St. Patrick Street, making it the busiest public transport corridor in Cork.

In simple terms, the efficient operation of St. Patrick Street is central to the efficient operation of our city bus services. It is also the street that most people want to go to. To shop, meet and explore. Or to connect with other transport services and access the wider city centre.

What’s Next?

Over the next 10 years we will see significant public investment in improving sustainable transport in our city, including the experience of pedestrians and cyclists. But key to increasing capacity in Cork is to improve journey times and the reliability of services. This cannot happen without dedicated public transport corridors.

As part of the National Development Plan, €200m will be invested by Government in our public transport over the next 10 years to underpin the sustainable growth of Cork going forward. Ultimately this investment will create a rapid transport system linking Ballincollig and Mahon, via the city centre. Yet, delivery of this programme all depends on busses being able to move effectively and reliably through St. Patrick Street and our city centre.

See more on this in the video below.

Supporting Measures

A number of supporting measures will accompany the August 9th reintroduction of the bus prioritisation which will make this transition easier for those who live, work and visit the City centre. 

These include:

  • A network of 26 free fifteen minute set down parking spaces along South Mall, Grand Parade, Parnell Place, Drawbridge & Cornmarket St to facilitate shoppers and visitors. 
  • The opening hours of the City’s BlackAsh Park & Ride service will be extended to operate from 7am to 8pm.
  • The extension of the BlackAsh Park & Ride service into the city centre with additional stops at Eglinton St., Merchants Quay, St. Patrick’s St., Grand Parade, South Mall and Angelsea Street. For more information on this click here.
  • Passengers on the northbound 203 and 215 buses will also be stopping on St. Patrick’s St. for the first time.
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