Infrastructure Updates

Little Island Infrastructure Survey

1. NTA Survey results

In May 2019 we facilitated an NTA survey, engaging with businesses throughout the Island to guide the nature of investment into Little Island. The Island has benefited recently from road improvements that are very welcome but is still all but devoid of multi-modal transport options such as bus and bike. Thanks to the thousands of you who responded to the survey. The NTA expect to publish the findings in September and will keep you updated in advance.

2. Little Island Transport Study – Cork County Council Survey

As you may be aware Cork County Council finalised the Strategy Design Report for the Little Island Transportation Study in March 2019 (report linked here). The overall aim of the study is to:
• Identify the existing transportation issues within Little Island;
• Explore potential solutions and;
• Ensure that there is an integrated and balanced approach to transportation engineering for the future of the Island.

Niall O’Donovan and Aisling McCarthy have been tasked by Cork County Council with undertaking a survey of current employee numbers on Little Island as part of on-going monitoring of traffic volumes on the Island. Both will call to the various business premises on the Island. This work started on Monday 15th July and is envisaged to take approximately three weeks. The purpose of the study is to determine the number of both full-time and part-time employees in each business on the Island. The data is being collected solely for the use of traffic and transportation planning and will be treated with full confidentiality. It will not be shared outside the Council’s project team.

3. TII – Dunkettle Interchange Update

In recent months we have been liaising with agencies, departments and political representatives regarding progression of the Dunkettle Interchange which is critical nationally but also critical locally to Little Island.

On Friday TII publicly issued the following note:
• Due to the scale and complexity of the project, the form of contract chosen by TII to deliver this project is a 2-stage contract with ‘Early Contractor Involvement’.
• Stage 1 is used to de-risk the project in advance of the Stage 2 main works construction. At Stage 1, TII works with the Stage 1 contractor to develop the design and seek clarity on costs associated with Stage 2 construction.
• In May 2018, following a competition, the contract was awarded to John Sisk and Son Limited. During Stage 1, in addition to developing the design of the project in detail, the contractor has carried out additional ground investigations, engaged with utility owners, undertaken environmental mitigation works, and developed construction methods and sequencing. Complex traffic management arrangements, which are crucial to minimising disruption to motorists during the upgrade works, have also been developed.
• On the basis of the design development completed during Stage 1, the contractor will, over the coming days, submit their forecast of the cost to carry out the main works construction.
• TII will then assess this submission to determine if this cost is acceptable. It is anticipated that this assessment will be complete within the next month. If TII and the Stage 1 contractor agree this cost, TII will submit to the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport, requesting approval from Government, to proceed to Stage 2.
• If the cost is not agreed, then Stage 2, main works construction, will be removed from the contract and TII will return to the marketplace to seek to achieve better value for the taxpayer. If this is the case, the site investigation, planning, and design developed to date will be used as part of a new tender process. If required, it is anticipated that this additional tender process would take 12 to 18 months to complete.
• If this additional time is required, some works, such as major utility diversions, are likely to continue as smaller advance works items, in order to further de-risk the project and minimise the time required to complete the main construction works.

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