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Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of their workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large. Cork Chamber occupies a vital role in leading and developing business activity and growth in the Cork Region.

Our promise “Advancing Business Together” reflects the Chamber’s member-centric approach in driving our members’ businesses forward and leading the successful growth of both the Chamber membership and our regional economy. We understand that our commitment to our members is our most vital product and through the authentic relationships we create we are building better, stronger and more sustainable communities in the places where we work, live and play. Responsibility and Accountability are issues we take very seriously here at Cork Chamber. We seek to lead by example. Organisations who take such a lead in CSR tend to be leaders in everything they do. Our promised positioning as ‘the leading business organisation for the promotion and development of economic and commercial activity in the Region’ is held in high regard and to this end we aim to be a leader in CSR and to lead by example for our 1200 member companies and our team

Please find a copy of Cork Chamber’s Sustainability report for 2016 here.

Support for not-for-profit and charitable organisations

Our staff and organisation provide both monetary and other support to a wide range of charitable and not-for-profit organisations based in Cork and beyond. In the last 18 months alone, we have supported over 30 organisations through fundraising and donations.

Our membership network includes over 40 charities and we are conscious of the role that we can play to support these organisations and raise awareness of their causes. To that end we offer a discounted rate to Charities whilst also offering them access to the full range of our services.

Grand Job

“Grand Job” was launched in May 2015 and was Cope Foundation’s first advocacy campaign
promoting the equal participation of people with disabilities in the workforce. As part of
Cork Chamber’s continued efforts to drive CSR participation we immediately saw the opportunity to bring this initiative to the business community.

Graffiti Removal

Cork Chamber was approached by community organisation ‘The Peoples Republic of Cork’ to
promote their clean up our city initiative. A team of 12 from Cork Chamber partook in the removal of graffiti from Patrick Street in Cork City.


Our staff are supported to partake in volunteering initiatives, in the community and with charities as they offer us the opportunity to lead by example for our business network while also supporting the wider community. We have supported various initiatives either financially and/or by giving staff time to work on these projects.

Initiatives that we have supported in the last 18 months include iWish, Purple Flag, Long Table Dinner, Heel Appeal, Cork Simon Christmas Jumper Day, Pull Up Your Socks, Focus Ireland Sleep Out, Charity Hole @ Golf Classic, Charity Draw @ Annual Christmas Lunch, Grant Thornton Run, Job Shadow, Supported multiple charity flag days, 160 year of Cork Opera House, and Everyman 120 Years.

Minimising environmental impact​

Cork Chamber of Commerce recognises that small steps can make a difference to the environment.

Below are examples of simple initiatives we undertake aimed at minimising our environmental impact.

• We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, ink cartridges and food waste.

• We reduce waste by having the default setting for printing to double-sided and issuing documents such as invoices via email where feasible.

• We are mindful of our water usage and have introduced measures to reduce the water used

in our toilets and regularly check for leaks in our water supply.

• We use energy efficient light bulbs across the majority of our premises.

• We encourage our staff to use environmentally friendly transport to work options by providing the Cycle to Work

Customer Service

At Cork Chamber, we work as one team, collaborating with each other, our members and stakeholders to realise our vision of being the largest and leading Chamber in the country. Adding value for our members, both big and small, is our lifeblood so with each interaction we stake our reputation, both professionally and personally, by responding in a ‘can-do’ and supportive way. We operate in a dynamic environment where we treat each other professionally and with respect so we are not afraid to ask for help, celebrate our successes, learn from mistakes and enjoy ourselves on the journey. In pursuance of the commitment to the above value statement our Customer Service Policy has been put in place to set out the standards of service which are expected from all employees of Cork Chamber.

We endeavour to give our members a voice by undertaking an annual survey of our members to get their views on our service offerings, events, training and other initiatives. Any feedback is reviewed and feeds into our business plans for the following year.

We also have ten members who act as Ambassadors for Cork Chamber – any member can approach these ambassadors confidentially to feed back any comments. The primary role of these individuals is to assist our members maximise their membership and make the best of the many networking opportunities that are on offer throughout the calendar year, as well as giving new Chamber members a “helping hand” to get started and build a strong network.

Supply Chain

In line with our overall mission we believe in supporting our local economy and therefore procure our goods and services where possible and practicable from local suppliers who are members of Cork Chamber.

Data protection

We are very cognisant of our responsibility to protect our members’ data. In addition, we exercise access controls for our CRM system.

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