Diversity Statement

Cork Chamber where individuality is expected!

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To grow and to thrive, Cork must be a genuinely warm and welcoming place of equal opportunity for people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and identities. Cork Chamber and the wider business community have a key role to play in diversity and inclusion and this must be demonstrated by actions and not by words alone.

At Cork Chamber, we are committed to championing diversity in our team, in our governance, our operations and in advocacy, events and engagements. We are committed to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 Gender Equality but wish to push the wider diversity agenda forwards in parallel. We are pro diversity, and with equal vigour we are anti-racist and anti-discrimination.

Diversity & Inclusion is our guiding principle helping us to determine how to build the best team. Our goal is to create a team where everyone feels like they belong. We do this through an inclusive hiring processes, robust hr policies and procedures and a comprehensive employee wellbeing programme.

This year we have committed to:

  • To clearly present Chamber diversity and inclusion policy on Chamber website.
  • Enhanced ongoing activity with disadvantaged and minority groups and social enterprises.
  • Ongoing collaboration with BITC and Ability at Work.
  • To coordinate promotion of multicultural and minority work placements among member companies.
  • To advocate for a progressive and welcoming policy and legislative environment.
  • To enhance our Board diversity with international and minority background.
  • To explore diversity and anti-racism in the workplace training for member companies.
  • To pursue an evidence-based inclusion and diversity approach by undertaking a member survey to establish the wider position.
  • To explore the establishment of an inclusion and diversity working group made up of Chamber members.

We are all on this journey together. We encourage each and every member to actively consider, plan and action a proactive approach to diversity in their business. We encourage you to speak with us about how best to evolve deepen and quicken this agenda. We encourage you to consider the diversity of your company representation at our events and meetings, and to be proud of every small step that leads to a more equal Cork.