Empowering Women


  • Day 1: Monday 12th June – 10am-12pm – online
  • Day 2: Wednesday 14th June – 10am-12pm – online
  • Day 3: Friday 16th June – 10am-2:00pm – TBD


Empowerment starts with recognising that life is all about choices. We have a lot more choice than people realise. Every experience in life is an opportunity for us to express who we really are. We are not victims to circumstance. We have the ultimate authority over how we respond or engage with the world. Realisation and acceptance of this truth brings true empowerment.

We will also look at what empowerment in the workplace looks like. Providing employees with the resources, authority, opportunity, and motivation to do their work, as well as holding them accountable for their actions, will make employees happier and more proficient.

Day 1 – What does it mean to be empowered?

Self-care: There are numerous methods to support your wellness. Participants will be given lots of tips on how to provide quality self-care no matter how busy your life is.
Finding your tribe: Surrounding yourself with people who empower you and support you in achieving your goals. The importance of having mentors in your life will also be discussed.
Self-confidence: We will discuss ways on how to become more confident and the benefits associated with a higher level of self-confidence. Learners will also gain insight into the importance of having the confidence and awareness to acknowledge what you don’t know or even better what you haven’t learnt yet.

Day 2 – Barriers to well being

There are numerous barriers to well-being, understanding them gives you the starting point on how to begin the journey of overcoming them.
Managing people: How often have we been told about the importance of communication? We will cover effective communication skills and how to deal with conflict in a healthy constructive way.
How to set boundaries: This course will teach you why boundaries are so important and the skills to implement them. Learning to set boundaries and learning how to say no is an essential life skill.
Imposter syndrome: Have you ever wondered who am I to be…. going for a promotion? Applying for that job? We will cover what imposter syndrome looks like and how to quieten that inner voice and combat it with a positive, healthy self-serving voice.
Emotional intelligence: The ability to recognise your emotions, understand what they are telling you and realise how your emotions affect you and those around you. Emotional intelligence is a critical life skill that we must develop. Learning how to process and handle your emotions is essential to maintaining good mental health. We must all take the time to develop this skill if we want to have happy fulfilling lives.
Gender bias: We will do an overview of what gender bias is and how to combat it. This will include a brief discussion on parity in pay.
What disempowers people: We need to understand what disempowers people before we can learn how to empower people.
Gender intelligence: This module is about understanding, recognising, and valuing the difference between men and women. It’s also about appreciating those differences, which are highly complementary.

Day 3 Understanding the stage of life, you’re in:

We will cover menopause at work, maternity leave and ageism in the workplace.
Building resilience: 10 tips on how to build your resilience! Learn how to be your best possible resilient self.
Ok is good enough: Exploring perfectionism and being OK with ‘good enough’. What does good enough mean to you?
How to build successful habits: 12 Habits of highly successful people that sets them apart.
How to be a successful networker: We will look at the mindset of a successful networker and 16 tips for becoming a master in networking.
Understanding what true happiness is: What truly makes a person happy? We are going to look at all the factors that have been proven to contribute to an individual’s happiness.

Who Should Attend

This webinar is ideal for anyone interested empowerment, advancement, and enlightenment

About the Trainer 

At The Dennison Training Academy, we are passionate about people’s health and wellbeing. We have designed our suite of Mental Health & Wellbeing courses to equip learners with an awareness of mental health, and wellbeing and with the knowledge and skills to work with individuals with mental health problems. The Dennison Training Academy changes beliefs and behaviours about Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace.

All our in-person and distance learning First Aid for Mental Health Courses offer internationally regulated and accredited qualifications. We are a provider of numerous bespoke training and competency programmes for businesses, semi state bodies and universities who want to secure, upskill and invest in their training and workforce.

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