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  — Our 2019 Future Leaders Programme is now available.

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Our new 6 month Leadership Development programme is aimed at the Future Leaders of Cork, those seeking to step up and lead themselves and their organisations to continued success!

The 6 workshops will be facilitated to an extremely high standard and key leadership messages will also be delivered by Cork’s local leaders.

This is a unique opportunity to build the key competencies, capabilities & confidence to Lead Yourself, Lead Others and Lead Cork to success.

Workshop 1: Priming Yourself for Leadership; Clarity, Courage & Confidence

Mojo for Leaders, 31st May, Nano Nagle Place

  • Pave the way for success in your leadership journey
  • How to work with the concept of clarity
  • Exercise the ‘courage’ muscle
  • Build up confidence to develop resilience to truly lead

Workshop 2: Leadership in Action

Pat Lyons, Greater Heights, 4th July

  • What Leaders really do
  • Why should Anyone be Led by You?
  • The Personality of Leadership
  • Fundamental Leadership Practices

Workshop 3: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Pat Lyons, Greater Heights, 1st August

  • The link between Leadership  & Emotional Intelligence
  • Defining Emotional Effectiveness and its impact on effective leadership
  • Understanding the business case for EI
  • Exploring the link between EI competencies and leadership success

Workshop 4: Management of Self & Self-Motivation

Ryan O’Reilly, Ryan O’Reilly International, 12th September

  • Self-Management
  • How you motivate yourself
  • Deep-dive into goal-setting
  • Self-discipline & increasing impact in productivity

Workshop 5: Assertiveness & Communication

Ryan O’Reilly, Ryan O’Reilly International, 9th October, Nano Nagle Place

  • Personal Styles for communication
  • Awakening the assertive self
  • Communicate effectively & confidently

Workshop 6: High Performing Teams

Ryan O’Reilly, Ryan O’Reilly International, 6th November

  • Identify what a high performing team is
  • Look at team dynamics; the 5 disciplines & 5 dusfunctions of teams
  • EI for leaders of high performing teams

What’s in it For Me?

  • Develop key leadership competencies
  • Gain valuable insights into what makes a good leader
  • Develop the internal talent pool in your organisatin
  • Gain the skills to drive your team for change & growth
  • Valuable peer-to-peer networking
  • Be a part of Cork’s leadership community

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