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Thank you for your booking for {{COURSE_NAME}} commencing on {{STARTING_DATE}}.

We will be in touch a few days before the course starts to confirm details such as venue, start & finish time etc. Please feel free to contact us in the meantime if you have any queries.

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Kate Murray, Training Network Executive
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Garrett O’ Rourke, Training Network Manager
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Course Dates

  • Session 1: Wednesday 14th October – Module 1 Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Session 2: Wednesday 21st October – Module 2 SEO I
  • Session 3: Wednesday 28th October – Module 3 SEO II
  • Session 4: Thursday 05th November – Module 4 Google Ads
  • Session 5: Thursday 12th November – Module 5 Social Media I
  • Session 6: Thursday 19th November – Module 6 Social Media II
  • Session 7: Thursday 26th November – Module 7 LinkedIn
  • Session 8: Thursday 3rd December – Module 8 Email Marketing & Automation


    At the end of the programme you will:
    Be able to develop and implement your digital marketing strategy
    Have access to a range of free and low-cost tools to assist with the development, implementation, monitoring and management of your strategy
    Understand the key components to an effective website and be able to optimise their site for search (SEO)
    Be able to choose the most effective digital channels for your business and have the skills and tools to be able to use them effectively and get a high ROI

    Learning Objectives:

    • You will be able to develop and implement a digital marketing strategy and have the tools and skills required to make it a success.
    • You will have evaluated your own website effectiveness and have created an action plan for implementation after the course
    • You will have the skills, tools and knowledge to be able to use all digital marketing channels effectively and will have
      gained hands-on experience using each platform and a range of free and low-cost online management and monitoring tools.

    Schedule Outline:

    Day 1: Digital Marketing Strategy

    • Introductions & your key objectives for the programme
    • An introduction to digital marketing landscape and how it has evolved
    • Understating relationship marketing and how you can use it effectively in your business
    • Flywheel model: what it is and why use it
    • Cold, Warm & Hot: how to funnel people from being a cold lead to hot leads
    • Strategy development stages – a walk through the key steps to creating a digital marketing strategy
    • Setting and measuring KPIs
    • Integrated digital marketing strategy and tactics
    • An introduction to the main platforms (more details covered in each individual module)
    • Tool kit – access to a range of free and low-cost tools to aid with measuring your campaigns and activity
    • Case studies of relevant businesses succeeding online

    Practical Elements

    • Review of existing channels and choose new channels that best suit your business and time/budget resources
    • USP and Customer Persona Development
    • Q&A throughout

    Day 2 & 3: SEO & Making Your Website Work

    • Understating how searchers use search engines and how it is evolving
    • 3 SEO stages and how to optimise a site at each stage: on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO
    • Tools to assist with managing and monitoring SEO e.g. Analytics, Google Search Console, Speed Testing tools, Keyword research tools
    • Evaluating website SEO: all participants will evaluate your own website SEO and make an action plan for implementation after the course
    • Key components to developing a successful website that generates sales and leads including
      o User experience (UX) which looks at the structure and flow of information
      o Design – the needs to have and the like to have
      o Calls to actions and a review of their landing pages. Tools for creating landing pages for specific campaigns
      o Building in credibility using reviews, testimonials etc.
      o Content creation and blogging – tips and techniques on how to write for website visitors
      o Tool kit – access to a range of free and low-cost tools
      o Case studies and examples of effective websites

    Practical Elements:

    • You will be provided with an action plan template and during the course, they will be given the time to evaluate your own websites and SEO and create an action plan for implementation after the course
    • Q&A throughout

    Day 4: Online Advertising using Google Ads

    • A walk-through step by step on setting up a successful Google Ads search campaign
    •  An introduction to display advertising and Google remarketing
    • Practical experience writing an effective Google search ad
    • Conversion tracking and reporting
    • Case studies and examples of successful online advertising campaigns

    Practical Elements:

    • Participants will get time to write an effective Google ad
    • Q&A throughout

    Day 5 & 6: Social Media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

    • Understand the importance of using social media to drive people to your website and creating effective landing pages.
    • Developing a social media strategy and monitoring it
    • Setting up pages/accounts and a walk through the key features of each platform
    • Newsfeed filters – how they work on each social media channel and proven techniques on how to get better visibility and better engagement levels
    • Know how to create an effective competition on each social media channel. Creating an effective social media competition strategy that delivers enhanced page activity but also enables data capture for use in email marketing/text marketing. Understand data protection laws.
    • Live streams – the key considerations when shooting a live video and tips for delivering a successful live shoot
    • Social media advertising: the key steps and considerations when running an advertising campaign on social media
    • Tool kit: Canva, Ripl for Video, apps like Wordswag, FilamoreGo etc.
    • Case studies and examples of successful social media pages/accounts

    Practical Elements:

    • Auditing your own social media accounts and content plan
    • Q&A throughout


    Please bring your social media account access details.

    Day 7: LinkedIn for Business

    • An introduction to LinkedIn, what it is and who is using it
    • LinkedIn etiquette – understanding what is expected
    • Account levels and upgraded accounts – the advantages of upgrading
    • Using LinkedIn to increase brand awareness and brand exposure
    • Defining the businesses target audience in LinkedIn e.g. Location, roles, specific companies, company sizes etc. and how to reach the target audience using LinkedIn but staying within LinkedIn guidelines and etiquette
    • Sales funnel – a look at the different ways LinkedIn can fit into your current (or new) sales funnels
    • How to publish content effectively in LinkedIn using sharing and publishing tools available
    • Finding relevant groups and ways to utilise groups for networking and business opportunities
    • Case studies – relevant case studies

    Practical Elements:

    • Setting up/editing their profile
    • Q&A throughout


    Please bring your LinkedIn account access details.

    Day 8: Email Marketing & Automation

    • What is email marketing and how are businesses using it to generate sales and quality leads
    • Data protection: a run through current data protection and tips for staying compliant with GDPR
    • Data collection: online and offline opportunities
    • Designing an effective email marketing newsletters / e-zine / e-shot
    • Automation: what it is and how to use it effectively.
    • Report analysis – what the report tells you and how to analyse them
    • Case studies: examples of similar businesses using email effectively

    Practical Elements:

    • Planning your email marketing campaigns and automation workflows & triggers
    • Q&A throughout

    Who Should Attend

    Basic knowledge on how to use a laptop and a smartphone. Be comfortable moving between Zoom and their browser as there will be a lot of practical elements that will require access to their web browser (preferably Chrome).

    About the Trainer

    Sandra Hennessy, Be Dynamic

    Sandra holds the NUI Certificate in Training and Continuing Education and has over 16 years’ experience in delivering successful online marketing services, mentoring, consultancy and training.

    Be Dynamic was set up in August 2010 and Sandra has worked in digital marketing since 2002. The business has gone from strength to strength and she works with a large portfolio of clients including LEO’s, Irish Times Training and The Irish Internet Association, Fáilte Ireland, Digital Marketing Institute, Enterprise Ireland, Skillnet and many private clients which consist of many SMEs.

    Sandra works with a diverse range of sectors and she understands the hurdles businesses face in this digital age. Sandra delivers training on a variety of digital marketing topics including best practice web development and online advertising, email marketing, social media, SEO and mobile.

    Sandra is a leader in her field and has been identified by many as a top resource of information on new technologies, tools and trends that will assist with the successful creations, implementation and management of digital marketing campaigns



    This course can also be run as an in-company programme delivered on-site to meet your specific requirements. For more information on in-company delivery, or if you have any questions regarding this course, please Click Here.

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    As an ongoing quality control measure and to ensure the highest possible standard of training, courses may be inspected from time to time.

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