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Mark is an experienced Coach, Manager and Leader with over 30 years’ contribution to multinational organisations within the ICT, Life Sciences and Global Supply Chain sectors. He has a proven track record in Change Management, Project Management and Leadership Coaching.

Mark is the Managing Director of Actus Business Coaching and Consulting (, providing Management and Leadership Coaching services, as well as Professional Consultancy to both business and private clients. He also lectures with UCC as part of their corporate education programme and specialises in Change Management and Coaching.

A trusted professional, perceptive, supportive and challenging – these are the key traits and attributes that Mark offers to his clients, whether engaging with them as a Coach, Lecturer or Consultant.


This two-day course introduces participants to the discipline of Effective Change Management and the key Models of Change Management. It builds awareness of the nature of Change, both from an individual and process perspective.


To Build Awareness of the Need for, and Nature of, Change in Organisations

Learn Effective Models for Change Leadership and Management

Understanding the Obstacles and Resistance to Change, and strategies to overcome these

Those in organisations with responsibility for implementing Change Programmes.

Those in organisations who are stakeholders in implementing change programmes and/or wish to learn about the Change Management Process

Who Should Attend?

Ideally, participants would have a good knowledge of the Business Environment and its challenges. They would also be in positions where they would either be leading Change Initiatives or significantly engaged in such initiatives. A willingness to actively participate, to learn new skills and be open to change is essential.


Intro to Change and Transformation – Definitions and Background

Types of Change
Class Exercise on types of Change
Reasons for Change
Planned and Unplanned Change
Change, Transitions and Transformations
Change Management versus Project Management
Levels of Change

Change Management Models
Kotter’s Eight Step Change Process
Lewin’s Change Model
Bridges’ Model of Transitions
The ADKAR (Prosci) Change Management Model
Discuss Individual Exercise/Assignment – based on own work-place change initiatives

Day 2:
Class discussion on Individual Exercise/Assignment
The Transition (Emotional) cycle – how change impacts us emotionally
Responses to Change – Cognitive, Emotional and Behavioural

Dealing with Resistance to Change
Emotional Intelligence and Openness to Change
The use of Coaching and Mentoring to Facilitate Change
Group Think – its impact on decision-making and Group Responses to Change
Engagement, Consultation and Communication in times of Change
Class Exercise on Change Communication
Myths about Change Management
Cross-Cultural Challenges in dealing with Change

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