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Course Dates

  • 3-Days: 11th, 12th, & 18th June
  • 3-Days: 14th, 15th, & 21st September


This 3-day Building and Leading High Performing Teams training course takes a comprehensive look at leadership styles, leading and motivating employees and high performance team development.

This programme will give you an insight into your current behavioural traits, preferred leadership styles and how you can adapt these to become a more effective leader. You will explore the characteristics of a good manager and leader, as well as become more aware of the differences that may exist between your motivations and those of your team members.

Understand how you can better motivate others, as an individual and as teams, in a way that enhances overall performance.

This course includes an Insights Personality Assessment & a one-on-one coaching session (valued at €275).

“The programme has awakened my motivation to re invigorate my team; I have a large team and I felt I needed to upskill in terms of motivating and engaging with my team. The programme was a brilliant motivator.”

Top 3 Learning Outcomes

  1. A full motivational road map for high performance team development 
  2. Significant development of Leadership skills and high- level team performance management skills 
  3. Development of self- awareness and awareness of team dynamics which has the power to be transformational within your team

    Course Outline 

    • Introduction to personal awareness and personal leadership styles using Insights Discovery Psychometric Profiling- Learn about yourself, your styles, your opposites and motivation/decision-making preferences 
    • Identify your current preferred leadership styles 
    • Practical application of the difference between leadership and management and how different styles impact on performance 
    • Identify characteristics of “good leader” 
    • Different motivation toolboxes based on different styles and preferences of individuals on the team 
    • Different stages of team development 
    • Introduction to the Motivation Toolbox – motivational skills 
    • Team alignment- aligning the individuals to the team and business strategy- key skills and tools 
    • Developing individuals and influencing individuals 
    • How to determine the optimum/ appropriate leadership style based on the situation at hand 
    • Develop decision-making skills and chose appropriate decision-making styles to increase opportunities for success 
    • Setting goals and objectives- Team involvement in setting goals and when you must be the boss! 
    • Recognition of stress and managing stress within the team 
    • Developing team dynamics toolbox to ensure that the team is working at peak performance 
    • Team member strengths and their role preferences-use of Insights Discovery Team Effectiveness Wheel to determine individual and team strengths and challenges- assigning roles and responsibilities and avoiding pitfalls 
    • Managing individual and team performance management 
    • Key techniques to identify positive and challenging behaviour traits in self and others 
    • Understanding of differing personalities and what motivates them, leading to better communications and teamwork 
    • Key strategies to manage conflict in a 1-1 setting, as well as a team environment 
    • Identify key “Hot” issues – i.e. Allocate tasks/rosters/duties, when and how to delegate to reduce overload and burnout 
    • Map out team development over time by individual and team 
    • Creating the right team environment to optimise success 
    • Developing different team roles according to need and strengths – their importance in effective team building 
    • Key techniques to lead groups to deliver objectives and outcomes 
    • How to recognise success and achievement effectively – hitting the right tone 
    • Managing poor performers and managing the impact on group performance

    About the Trainer  

    Veronica Murphy, Consulting Partner – The Discovery Partnership 

    Before The Discovery Partnership, Veronica Murphy had over 22 years of combined experience with international and indigenous companies in several sectors, holding positions in senior GM/Director management roles. Veronica trains, coaches and mentors with specialist expertise in linking business strategy to drive organisational scalability. She has a proven track record with public, private, multinationals and not-for-profit bodies.  

     William O Connor Managing Director, The Discovery Partnership

    Results-driven, practical and hands-on professional with 20+ years in designing and facilitating high-performance programmes across a wide range of topics for Enterprise Ireland, LEOs, educational bodies and private clients.

    This course can also be run as an in-company programme delivered on-site to meet your specific requirements. For more information on in-company delivery, or if you have any questions regarding this course, please Click Here.

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    As an ongoing quality control measure and to ensure the highest possible standard of training, courses may be inspected from time to time.

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