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Thank you for your booking for {{COURSE_NAME}} commencing on {{STARTING_DATE}}.

We will be in touch a few days before the course starts to confirm details such as venue, start & finish time etc. Please feel free to contact us in the meantime if you have any queries.

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Contacting the Cork Chamber Skillnet Team:

Aoife Dunne, Training Network Manager
Tel: 021-4530141

Kate Murray, Training Network Executive
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What’s in it for Me? 

  1. Build Greater Self-Confidence
  2. Strengthen People Skills
  3. Enhance Communication Skills
  4. Develop Leadership Skills
  5. Reduce Stress and Improve Attitude

What’s Involved?

Session 1A: Build a Foundation for Success

  • Learn methods to connect with others
  • Familiarize ourselves with the Five Drivers of Success
  • Expand our capacity to achieve our vision by committing to breakthroughs

Topics & Activities:

  • Understand the methodology of this training
  • Learn and practice a process for connecting with others
  • Define, write, and communicate breakthrough goals
  • Identify and relate a personal vision for our lives
  • Identify application opportunities
  • Initial assessment
  • Identify key areas for improvement that will bring the organisation a return on investment

Session 1B: Recall and Use Names

  • Focus on people as individuals
  • Create positive first impressions
  • Use methods for remembering names

Topics & Activities:

  • Practice methods for remembering names
  • Name Game Activity: Name Recall
  • Identify application opportunities

Session 1C: Build on Memory Skills and Enhance Relationships

  • Apply a process for memory improvement
  • Become familiar with the principles for improving human relations
  • Identify opportunities for improving professional relationships

Topics & Activities:

  • Reading Recap/ Good News
  • Similar Vision exercise
  • Practice a process for recalling concepts
  • Learn the Enhance Relationships Principles
  • Complete Relationship Map
  • Complete Commitment Sheet
  • Discuss & complete Enhance Relationships Plan
  • Identify application opportunities

Session 1D: Increase Self-Confidence

  • Use our experiences to communicate more confidently
  • Communicate with clarity and conciseness
  • Discover how past experiences influence behavior
  • Topics & Activities:
  • Defining Moment reports
  • Learn Magic Formula for influencing action
  • Learn guidelines for using exhibits
  • Identify application opportunities

Session 2A: Enhance Relationships and Motivate Others

  • Persuasively communicate in a clear and concise way that moves people to action
  • See how consistent application of the Human Relations Principles improves results
  • Discover how relationships help us advance toward our goals

Topics & Activities:

  • Motivate Others & Enhance Relationships report
  • Practice Fundamentals of Communication
  • Practice the Magic Formula
  • Discuss Gain Willing Cooperation Principles
  • Discuss and complete Gain Willing Cooperation Plan

Session 2B: Make Our Ideas Clear

  • Demonstrate clarity when giving directions
  • Learn to present information in a logical sequence
  • Reinforce the value of demonstrations when explaining information

 Topics & Activities:

  • Reading Recap/ Good News
  • Review use of exhibit guidelines
  • Make Ideas Clear reports
  • Identify application opportunities

Session 2C: Energize Our Communication

  • Recognize that including action in our communication releases nervous energy
  • Become more natural when communicating with others
  • Become more animated to energize and engage others

Topics & Activities:

  • Reading Recap/ Good News
  • Box Factory exercise
  • Energize Communication reports
  • Practice adding power to communications
  • Identify application opportunities

Session 2D: Put Stress in Perspective

  • Recognize the impact negative stress has on our results and effectiveness
  • Commit to using concepts and principles to better handle stress
  • Discover more effective ways for business professionals to prepare for and address challenges

Topics & Activities:

  • Reading Recap/ Good News
  • Duke of York exercise
  • Discuss principles to reduce stress
  • Commit to put stress in perspective
  • Identify application opportunities

Session 3A: Gain Willing Cooperation and Commit to Influence Others

  • Influence people through trust and respect
  • Achieve cooperation versus compliance
  • Discover the power of finding points of agreement
  • Discover how to coach for improved performance

Topics & Activities:

  • Safari exercise
  • Gain Cooperation reports
  • Learn Demonstrate Leadership principles
  • Leadership commitment

Session 3B: Disagree Agreeably

  • Demonstrate a process to organize our thoughts in impromptu situations
  • Communicate our ideas effectively even when we disagree
  • Strengthen our personal opinions

Topics & Activities:

  • Reading Recap/ Good News
  • Two Speaking at Once exercise
  • Speaking impromptu process
  • Learn how to cushion communication
  • Use evidence (DEFEATS)
  • Practice Disagreeing Agreeably
  • Identify application opportunities

Session 3C: Develop More Flexibility

  • Implement a wider range of communication skills
  • Apply the power of risk-taking
  • Become more open-minded to change and opportunity

Topics & Activities:

  • Become more flexible exercises
  • Identify application opportunities

Session 3D: Build Others and Ourselves through Recognition

  • Concentrate on the strengths of others
  • Develop skills in giving and receiving positive feedback
  • Discover the value of sincere appreciation
  • Recognize breakthroughs resulting from this program

Topics & Activities:

  • Reading Recap/ Good News
  • Awake! Alert! Alive! exercise
  • Power of Recognition activity
  • Identify application opportunities

Post Work: Professional and Organisational Results Project

Continue work on the Professional and Organisational Results Project.  Submit a written report 30 days after the completion of the Dale Carnegie® Immersion Course.

Dale Carnegie 3-Day Immersion BSDP

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Start Date
3 days: (26th April, 3rd May & 10th May)
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9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Walter Bradley, Dale Carnegie Ireland
River Lee Hotel, Western Road, Cork
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