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Practical Productivity using MS Outlook

Start Date Thursday, 16th August 2018
Duration 1 day
Start & Finish Time 9.30am-5pm
Trainer e-Bridge
Places 10
Location Cork International Hotel
Members Fee €160.00
Non-Members Fee €185.00

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Would you like to have an EMPTY INBOX at the end of each day?!

Would you like to schedule realistic days and never have to worry about forgetting to do or follow-up on a piece of work?

Would you like to have an organised system that will help you work more effectively on a daily basis?

Then this course is for you! It will provide you with a totally practical and workable solution to managing your workload and time more effectively.

The emphasis of the day is the practical application of the 'Time Management Best Practice' theory using MS Outlook as the tool.

Do not let e-mail control your day - instead you can take control through the customisation of MS Outlook and by using various features and tools within Outlook. Learn how to prioritise, set, manage and achieve realistic goals and tasks you set for yourself. Learn how to share information and work more effectively as a group.

This course has been designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and competencies to effectively use Outlook as your organisational tool.


At the end of the programme all users will have an empty Inbox and will be able to use a process (the 4 D’s) in order to maintain this. They will also have an effective method of managing and prioritising workload.

Following this course participants will:

- Be aware of Time Management theory (Best Practice)

- Be familiar with MS Outlook Shortcut Keys

- Be able to use timesaving everyday functionality in MS Outlook

- Have customised Outlook to make it work more effectively as a time management tool

- Know how to create tasks in order to prioritise and manage workload

- Know how to create tasks directly from email as an effective method of deferring less urgent work

- Have the ability to use the calendar and tasks to manage working days realistically

- Able to collaborate with other users through meeting invitations, sharing calendars etc.

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for anyone who feels overwhelmed by e-mail and workload and believes that...."There just aren't enough hours in the day!". For those who would like a practical solution that can immediately be implemented on return to the office.

Limited free places are available for those who are unemployed. Please visit our website for details of eligibility and other terms & conditions, or contact Aoife Dunne, Training Administrator ( to discuss.


Time Management Principles

- You can't create time, but you can schedule it!
- Setting Goals & Prioritising
- Tips for getting started
- Break it down
- Prioritise - Important vs. Urgent
- Managing time - Interruptions etc.
- Work Smarter - Communicate & Delegate
- Time Stealers - What are Yours
- Top 10 - Time Management Best Practice

Overview of MS Outlook Basics

- Shortcuts & Speed Keys
- Changing View Preferences
- Navigating through mail quickly
- Selecting and Forwarding Multiple Messages
- Creating & Using signatures
- Use AutoText for frequently used text

Customise Outlook

- Change default settings to ensure Outlook is working for you

Working with your Personal Calendar & Tasks

- Using the Calendar & Tasks together as your planner
- Creating Personal Tasks / To-Do's
- Prioritising Tasks
- Re-dating Tasks
- Recurring Tasks
- Inserting Hyperlinks
- Marking Tasks Complete / Moving completed tasks
- Categorising Tasks
- Creating / Editing / Deleting Calendar entries
- Printing the Calendar (workable format)
- Add Colour to your Calendar

Working with E-Mail

- Act Now! - Apply the 4 D's to your e-mail
- Manage workload by creating tasks directly from e-mail
- Keep a record - Working with Folders
- Follow-up on Sent Items
- Creating Rules to act on Incoming and / or Outgoing Mail
- Mailbox Full? Create a Personal Folder File

Working with your Address Book

- Adding / Editing / Deleting Contacts
- Add Sender to Address Book / Gather other contact information from an E-Mail
- Creating Groups (Distribution Lists)
- Use contacts to store frequently accessed information

Working with others / Data Collaboration

- Using the Out of Office Assistant
- Scheduling Meetings with others
- Delivery Options for Meeting Invitations
- Respond to Meeting Invitations
- Cancel / Re-schedule Meetings
- Sharing your calendar / opening other user's calendars
- Accessing Group Calendars

Entry Requirements

Participants should have a good working knowledge of MS Outlook.

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