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Photoshop Essentials

Start Date Thursday, 10th May 2018
Duration 2 days (10th and 11th May)
Start & Finish Time 9am-5pm
Trainer Big Wave Media Training
Places 6
Location Clayton Hotel Silversprings
Members Fee €255.00
Non-Members Fee €270.00

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Digital imaging and software applications like Photoshop play a role in many areas of industry including design, marketing and communications.

The training will be given on provided 21" wide screen iMacs. There will be no requirement to bring your own laptop or device.

This course will give you:
- A solid understanding of the concepts of digital imaging
- Gain practical skills using the software
- Gain sufficient competency and fluency to enable you to take control of producing professional quality images

The course will include a mixture of training methods for you to engage and reach become competant in using Photoshop including:

- Q&A
- Group Discussions
- Slide demonstration
- Tutorials
- Practical Exercises

All of the modules are based around practical in class tasks to allow you to practice using Photoshop


After this course you will be able to:

- Use all the main selection and compositing tools to isolate images and work on them in a flexible and non-destructive manner. This includes layers, adjustment layers, opacity and blend modes

- Understand and use masking techniques to control effects. Refine selection techniques with select and mask and use photoshop smart objects technology to work with a mix of files and formats like vectors and to control filter effects with convert for smart filters.

- Improve the quality of images with the latest adjustment layers including vibrance and exposure. Understand key aims and objectives when retouching images for best contrast, tone, colour and saturation

- Use the smart technologies like content aware for fills and scales, remove unwanted artefacts and resize images for square formats such as for social media output. Also use the latest retouching tools such as the content aware move, puppet warp and liquify to retouch, colour and reshape objects.

- Understand how to leverage the best workflow using the benefits of the Adobe creative cloud including team collaboration on files, CC Libraries for managing and sharing assets and creative cloud publish online capabilities

- Confidently create high-quality finished artwork for different outputs and sizes including web, social media platforms, smart phone, print and PDF

- Gain hands on experience of the techniques with parts of the training dedicated to practical work and mini projects set by the tutor.


Lesson 1: Making the most of your work area

Lesson 2: Working with selections, resizing and transforming

Lesson 3: Layers and layer effects

Lesson 4: Adjusting anf enhancing images for best quality output

Lesson 5: Retouching, repairing and warping

Lesson 6: Masks and masking techniques and blending

Lesson 7: Typogrpahy design for graphic layouts

Lesson 8: Basic vectors and logos

Lesson 9: Combining skills for creative effect

Lesson 10: Artboards, web graphics and social media output

Lesson 11: Outputting for print and PDF

Lesson 12: Creative cloud workflow, CC Stock templates and CC Libraries

Content highlights:
- Smart objects and non-destructive workflow
-Content aware uses and tools
-Smart filters and filter gallery
- Process steps mapped out for creative techniques

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