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Conflict Resolution and Management Skills

Start Date Monday, 27th November 2017
Duration 2 days (27th and 28th November)
Start & Finish Time 9.30am- 5pm
Trainer Veronica Murphy - The Discovery Partnership Limited
Places 7
Location Cork International Hotel
Members Fee €260.00
Non-Members Fee €340.00


On completion of this module the participants will have a heightened awareness of their own personal conflict management style, be aware of the positive role of conflict and also be able to develop their mediation skills to manage an effective outcome via a mediation process.

Who Should Attend?

Front line personnel- customer service, sales, complaint handling, procurement, operations, supervisors, and human resources personnel.


To enable participants to become aware of the positive value of conflict.

To become aware of their own temperament and personal style- self awareness and their response to conflict.

To develop an understanding of both conflict and negotiation dynamics- understand how conflict can escalate.

Become aware of the skills required to manage, resolve and change conflict.

Develop process management skills to manage a mediation process.

Be able to carry out a mediation process (in the form of roleplay) and manage an effective outcome fo rthe parties, where possible.

Appreciating, understanding and accepting personal and others negotiation and conflict management styles.

Boosting self-confidence in relation to managing conflict.

Learn top tips to negotiate and manage conflict.

Understand the importance of preparation in advance of negotiations.

The course will be delivered in an interactive, practical and work-shop format involving each participant to plan, prepare and deliver their own negotiations in teams of two. Role play exercises will also be used extensively to maximise the learning opportunities. All participants will have the opportunity to manage a mediation process through to conclusion on Day Two.


Day One:

* Section One

- Understand the positive value of conflict
- Introduction to S.U.C.C.E.S.S. - how to harness the energy in conflict
- Introduction to self awareness - Understanding your own personal negotiation and conflict management style.

This encourages the participant to look at their own style and behaviour, self esteem and comfort zones.
Learn how to manage yourself effectively in conflict situations - maximise your strenghts and minimise weaknesses.

*Section Two:

- Awareness of negotiation and conflict dynamics
- The process of conflict escalation - poor and inadequate communications
- Defense mechanisms used in the negotiation process - how to overcome and create transparency
- Introduction to conflict management, coaching mechanisms and mediation skills to manage and resolve conflict including issues based mediation processes
- Five useful techniques to start your next round of negotiations
- Do's and don'ts - Top tips for successful negotiations
- The true value of a "win-win".

Day Two:

* Section Three:

Mediation Process
- Six stages of a formal mediation process
- Pre-mediation preparation - state of readiness for the mediation process
- Key strategies to manage / contain / "frame" the issues
- Pre mediation rules - i.e. confidentiality, permission to release information etc
- Mediators opening process
- Disputants opening statement
- Joint discussions
- Private caucuses
- Joint negotiations
- Closure
- Techniques to move the parties towards closure/resolution

Introduction to less formal Mediation Processes: How to effectively use mediation skills in the workplace or in the commercial arena to overcome conflict and resistance.

*Action Plan*

Participants will be encouraged to develop a personal plan of action in tems of deleloping thier own conflict management skills in their workplace environment.

Entry Requirements

Leaving Certificate or relevant work experience.

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