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MS Excel (Intermediate)

Start Date Friday, 17th November 2017
Duration 1 Day
Start & Finish Time 09.30-17.00
Trainer E-bridge
Places A waiting list is currently in operation for this course. Please contact us if you'd like to be added.
Location Cork Airport Hotel
Members Fee €130.00
Non-Members Fee €170.00


This course is designed for those who may have been using MS Excel for some time, but have never received formal training. We will work through basics including the use of shortcut keys & some less familiar formatting options. We will then move on to more intermediate topics such as working with and linking multiple worksheets, creating charts, managing lists (Sorting & AutoFilter) among other options.

Summary of Outline
- Excel Essentials – Data Entry, Navigating, Editing, Formatting, Moving & Copying – Clipboard Task Pane etc.
- Managing and working with lists – Sorting & Filtering, Freeze Panes, Print Titles.
- Formulas and Functions – Sum, Average, Min, Max, Count – Relative v’s Absolute when copying formulas.
- Multiple worksheets – Inserting, Deleting, Linking,
- Charts – Creating, Editing, Formatting, Combined charts, Secondary Axis.


On completion of this course participants will be able to use much of the functionality with MS Excel including:

• Competent use of Shortcut Keys

• Use formatting tools such as the format painter

• Write and copy formulas – Relative / Absolute

• Work with multiple worksheets and write formulas across sheets / Link Sheets

• Create professional looking charts and use drawing tools to enhance these

• Use the database functionality of MS Excel – Sorting & Auto Filter

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who has a good working knowledge of MS Excel 2007 or 2010 but may never have attended formal training.

Limited free places are available for those who are unemployed. Please visit our website for details of eligibility and other terms & conditions, or contact Jennifer ( to discuss.


Excel Basics (An Overview)

- Review of Excel Basics concentrating on quick methods of performing commonly used commands / features including an overview of Speed Keys


- Advanced Formatting Options
- Using the Format Painter
- Deleting Formats
- Using AutoFormat
- Conditional Formatting

Viewing and Modifying Worksheets

- Zoom Setting
- Splitting a Worksheet
- Freezing Titles
- Print Titles
- Hiding and Unhiding Columns and Rows

Formulae and Functions

- Recap of Basic Formulae
- Recap of Basic Functions
- Copying Formulae
- Relative vs. Absolute cell addressing

Custom Lists

- Working with Text Lists in Excel
- Creating Custom Lists
- Incrementing Numbers & Dates

Working with Multiple Worksheets

- Switching between sheets
- Inserting /Renaming / Deleting Sheets
- Moving / Copying sheets
- Group Edit
- Linking sheets using Formulae
- Breaking links

Charts and Drawing Tools

- Creating a chart
- Changing the Chart Type
- Changing / Adding chart elements
- Formatting charts
- Moving / Resizing the chart
- Creating combined charts
- Displaying data on a secondary basis

Database Features

- Sorting Records
- Using AutoFilter

Working with Dates

- Formatting Dates
- Date Calculations
- The Today Function

Entry Requirements

This course is suitable for those who are currently using MS Excel on a regular basis but may not have attended formal training recently or may never have attended training.

Participants should have a basic working knowledge of Excel before attending this course.

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