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Using Skills Analysis & Learning as a Tool for Business Growth

Start Date Tuesday, 7th November 2017
Duration Full Day
Start & Finish Time 9am-5pm
Trainer Monere Development Services
Places 12
Location Clayton Hotel, Silverpsrings
Members Fee €175.00
Non-Members Fee €195.00


Owner Managers of companies can sometimes overlook the importance of defining a Learning and Development Strategy as a tool that can assist them in the achievement of their overall company objectives. Businesses will often have a financial plan, a sales plan and perhaps a vision and mission statement as instruments that can guide their activities.

Rarely will they have a Strategic Learning Plan.

A strategic Learning Plan is a Plan, which outlines the Learning required by the individuals and the teams in any organisation. It includes what the best type of intervention might be, for example, coaching, mentoring and online or instructor led training.

Each learning area is linked directly to a Business Goal.

In many cases, owner/managers will invest in training as a once-off event, often after a problem has been identified; for example, a key customer has complained, or moved their business elsewhere.

The aim is to reverse this trend and to embrace learning as a core business tool that can help a business to achieve its growth objectives.


1. To be able to list the reasons for investment into a Strategic Learning Plan.

2. To create a Strategic Learning Plan which is based on company goals.

Who Should Attend?

Owners/Managers/Key Decision makers, anyone with an interest in learning & development, skills identification.


Toolkit for identifying Future Skill Requirements & What is your vision for your business and your team?

• To understand the importance of the mission and vision - how not only will they help you keep the end in mind at all times, they will also inspire your customers and your employees. Discussion and written record about what it is that makes your business unique in comparison to your competitors? What it your identity and how do you work and organise yourselves as a team?

What is a Skills Analysis?

• To recognise that a Skill Analysis is the first step in achieving any organisational goals as set. To understand how to identify the gap between employee skills and their development needs in order to fulfil their potential. Each participant will conduct a Skill Analysis first for their own role - listing the Knowledge, Skills and Experience required to perform in this role. They will then work on a Competency Framework for each role in their business.

Action Planning for variances identified between Skills Required and Skills Existing Create a Strategic Learning Plan

• Once the Competency Framework has been explored, a pattern should emerge of Skills required but not available or not fully used in the business. This part of the workshop helps delegates to decide what action to take to address this.

Investing in Skills once decided how the Skill Gaps might be addressed

• This part of the workshop will help participants to decide how to procure the services they require so that they suit the nature, availability and resources of the SME

• Participants will reflect on what the best type of intervention would be in terms of upskilling team members: i.e. groups or 1:1 and they will be provided with useful information on how to procure services and funding streams available for this

Future-Proofing Skills

• To ensure that participants embed the requirement of certain core Skills into any future job descriptions and that they hire specifically to address a Skill need Activity is based on reading an existing job description from their company and critiquing it for ease of Skill and competence identification that is clearly linked to organisational strategy. We will show how to improve on job descriptions in terms of expected Skills so that the right hire is made.

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