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Communication Skills QQI Level 5

Start Date Wednesday, 25th October 2017
Duration 5 days (25th October, 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd November)
Start & Finish Time 9am-5pm
Trainer FRS Training
Places 10
Location Cork Airport Hotel
Members Fee €400.00
Non-Members Fee €450.00

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The purpose of this special purpose QQI Level 5 award is to equip the learner with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to communicate verbally and nonverbally in standard everyday tasks and in work-related tasks, operating independently while under general direction.


This course provides learners with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to gain an insight to the different listening skills, be able to demonstrate a range of verbal communication styles and demonstrate and understand how to read and portray a verity of body language tools and techniques


• Unit 1 Listening and Speaking

• Unit 2 Reading and Writing

• Unit 3 Non-Verbal and Visual Communication

• Unit 4 Communications Technology

1 Analyse a range of current issues in communications and
information technology

2 Summarise in practical terms the elements of legislation that must be observed in a personal and/or work context, to include health, safety and welfare at work and communications-related legislation

3 Use appropriate non-verbal and visual communication in
personal- and work-related settings, to include one-to-one, in a group/team, and in formal and informal interaction

4 Demonstrate verbal skills appropriate to working under general direction, to include making a case and presenting a point of view in group discussion, formal meetings, interviews

5 Demonstrate listening skills appropriate to working under general direction, to include making eye contact, receiving and interpreting information, control of personal response

6 Use reading techniques appropriate to a task, to include
skimming, obtaining an overview, identifying key points, critical evaluation, in depth analysis

7 Critique information from a range of complex written material, to include technical/vocational, personal, literary, and written and visual media texts

8 Research a relevant vocational topic, to include use of primary and secondary sources, acknowledgement of sources, use of enquiry techniques and methods to establish validity and reliability

9 Use drafting, proofreading and editing skills to write a range of documents that follow the conventions of language usage (spelling, punctuation, syntax), to include creative writing, business proposals, correspondence, reports, memoranda, minutes, applications

10 Demonstrate communications styles and techniques relevant to different situations in work and leisure, to include one-to-one and group contexts in conversation, interview, oral presentation, question and answer session and for the purposes of persuading, advocacy and informing

11 Choose the appropriate communications technology to give and receive requests, instructions, suggestions, discussion and feedback in both work and leisure, to include a rationale for choosing one technology over another in different contexts and for different messages.


Course outline;
• Analyse a range of current issues in communication and information technologies

• Use appropriate non verbal and visual communication in personal and work settings including one to ones and group or team situations

• Using verbal skills in a range of settings including presentations, team meetings and interviews

• Reading techniques to include skimming, obtaining an over view, indentifying key points, critical evaluations and in-depth analysis

• Learn a range of drafting, proofreading and editing skills

• Provide effective feedback, within the correct assertive manner

Entry Requirements

• Level 4 Certificate, Leaving Certificate or equivalent qualifications and/or relevant life and work experience

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