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Certificate in Training Delivery & Evaluation - The New Train the Trainer! (FETAC Level 6)

Start Date Tuesday, 3rd October 2017
Duration 4 days (Oct: 3rd, 9th, 17th and 24th) Must attend all 4 days.
Start & Finish Time 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
Trainer Mike Roche
Places A waiting list is currently in operation for this course. Please contact us if you'd like to be added.
Location River Lee Hotel, Western Road
Members Fee €565.00
Non-Members Fee €680.00


4-day accredited programme leading to a QQI Level 6 Training Delivery and Evaluation Award (6N3326).
To achieve certification, each participant will be required to undertake an assessment process that includes a skills demonstration (which will be delivered on Day 4 of the programme), and a project and learner record that will be submitted three weeks after the final day of the programme.
• Skills Demonstration (40%): Participants will be required to deliver a skills-based training session of 15 minutes duration on Day 4 of the programme. They will follow this by assessing the learning and providing appropriate feedback to trainees on their performance.

• Project (40%): Participants are provided with a project brief which requires them to produce evidence of researching and undertaking a review of training evaluation models. They will also be required to implement an evaluation process for an actual training session and to report on both success areas and and areas for programme improvement.

• Learner Record (20%): Participants are required to maintain a learner record throughout the duration of the programme. Particular areas of focus will include those that impacted (positively or negatively) on the training and will include reference to the concepts and theories underlying training delivery, in addition to the training related areas of legislation.


The purpose of this programme is to provide training delivery personnel with the tools and techniques to effectively deliver, assess and evaluate their training programmes. Participants on this course will gain practical experience and recognised certification as trainers.


At the end of this training programme, participants will be able to:
• Identify the key principles of adult learning and incorporate these into the design and delivery of their training activities.
• Set clear and specific training objectives for their programmes.
• Outline the roles and competencies of an effective trainer.
• Explain the principles of group dynamics in a training environment.
• Discuss the specific issues of equality, diversity and disability regarding training access and delivery in the context of current legislation.
• Identify the key components in preparing for training delivery.
• Deliver an effective training programme.
• Identify appropriate assessment techniques for a training intervention.
• Assess a range of models, techniques and approaches to evaluate training programmes effectively.
• Produce an evaluation report for a training programme, highlighting the areas of success and the opportunities for improvement.

Who Should Attend?

Who should attend this course?
• Managers or supervisors responsible for the training and development of staff.
• People who may be seeking to change direction in their professional lives and explore employment opportunities in the area of training.
• Individuals wishing to gain a professional, accredited qualification in the area of training.


The programme covers the following areas:
• Adult Learning Principles
• Roles and Competencies of an Effective Trainer
• Motivation and its Relevance to Training
• Communication Skills
• Group Dynamics in a Learning Environment
• Setting Training Objectives
• Effective Presentation Skills
• Preparing for Delivering Training
• Training Delivery Strategies
• Learning Assessment and Training Evaluation


Day 1:

• Welcome and General Overview of Programme
• Introduction to Assessment Process
• Adult Learning Theory
• Learning Methods
• Laws of Learning
• Learning Cycle
• Motivation and its Relevance to Training
• Characteristics of an Effective Trainer
• Setting Training Objectives
• Presentation Skills (1)

Day 2:

• Communication Skills in Training Delivery
• Key Components
• How to get real understanding
• Barriers to Effective Communication
• Group Dynamics in a Learning Environment
• Sample Skills Demonstration
• Equality and Diversity Issues for Trainers
• Preparing for Training Delivery
• Trainee Considerations
• Choosing and Preparing Learning Aids
• Training Location
• Presentation Skills (2)

Day 3:

• Training Delivery Strategies
• Maintaining a Positive Learning Culture
• Instruction and Demonstration
• Effective Use of Learning Aids
• Assessment Techniques
• Purpose of Assessment
• Different Types of Assessment
• Evaluation of Training (1)
• Why Evaluate?
• Evaluation Models
• Evaluation of Training (2)
• Developing Evaluation Questionnaires
• Identifying Areas of Success and Opportunities for Improvement
• Skills Demonstrations Practice Sessions (1)
• Skills Demonstrations Practice Sessions (2)

Day 4:

• Skills Demonstrations and Assessment of Learning

Entry Requirements

Leaving Certificate or equivalent qualification.

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