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Digital Marketing QQI Level 5

Start Date Monday, 28th August 2017
Duration 6 Days (28th August, 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th of September and 2nd of October)
Start & Finish Time 9am-5pm
Trainer Irish Times Training
Places 11
Location River Lee Hotel
Members Fee €800.00
Non-Members Fee €950.00


Our comprehensive course will take attendees through the most important aspects of running a Digital Marketing campaign, from developing a strategy, to creating content and delivering it in the most accessible way. Our trainers will demonstrate good and bad content, with real world examples of what works and common pitfalls to avoid.

The QQI Award is a quality assured award for further and higher education and training in Ireland. To achieve certification, each candidate will be required to undertake an assessment process. This course is for a QQI Level 5 certification.


Participants will gain the skills and understanding needed to create a strong digital marketing campaign and to manage such a campaign through to successful completion, whether for a micro, medium or large organisation.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who has an interest in expanding their digital marketing skills. We have no expectations of previous knowledge in the digital arena, though a Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter account would be beneficial.


Module 1 – Digital Marketing Strategy
The foundation module will examine how the internet has changed the relationship between businesses and customers and what marketers need to do about it. Setting the scene for the rest of the course it will examine current trends in marketing, and how the internet affects strategy, tone of voice, media placement, and copywriting style. Using examples of global best (and worst) practice the module finishes by introducing a scorecard system for planning online marketing strategically.

Module 2 – Google AdWords / Pay per click Ads
This module will show you how to set-up AdWords campaigns that are effective and increase your click through rates. You will learn what’s involved in ongoing AdWord campaign management; find out how to set your budget and how to write compelling ad copy.

Module 3 – Search Engine Optimisation
This module will demonstrate how you can use search engine optimisation and marketing to drive customers to your site, how to improve your search engine ranking and how to maximise your conversion of visitors to customers. It will look at how you maintain search engine visibility and continuously improve it using trusted and transparent methods.

Module 4 – Online Video
This module looks at how you can create a community, increase brand awareness, click-through & response rates by using online video. We look at how to create, edit and distribute video. We examine where it is appropriate to use video and the impact it can have, how seeded and viral video can be used to best effect using case studies. We’ll discuss the channels on which to distribute video for maximum impact, results and returns. And, finally, we’ll examine what’s in store for video use and quality as broadband speeds improve.

Module 5 – Writing for Digital Marketing
This module will provide you with the necessary skills to express yourself effectively in an online world. It highlights the differences between writing for the web versus print media and will provide you with a thorough understanding on how to position digital content to attract and convert visitors.

Module 6 – Email Marketing and Lead Generation
This module will reveal how permission-based email marketing plays an integral part in digital marketing to increase customer reach and sales. You will find out how to write, time and test campaigns as well as gaining an insight into data protection considerations.

Module 7 – Website Analytics
This interactive, practical module will help you derive useful insights from website analytics. It is designed to help you get actionable insights from the traffic to your website, which can then be used to improve design and optimise traffic. You’ll be able to identify areas that require improvement and you’ll be able to measure the impact of changes implemented

Module 8 - Data Protection and Cyber Security
This module will focus on the Data Protection and Cyber Security challenges and issues that Digital Marketing presents.

Module 9 & 10 – Social Media and Your Online Brand
Learn how to leverage your company’s presence on Social Media platforms to generate more connections, build relationships with customers and boost your bottom line profits. These two modules take an in-depth look at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social networks, as well as blogging, podcasting, online video & photo sharing. It includes case studies of Irish and global businesses using social media effectively to build customer communities and manage their online brand.

Module 11 – Inbound Marketing
New to the diploma you will look at the whole concept and theory around inbound and content marketing - how it compares to traditional methods and why it is so important. Using real time examples you learn how to integrate your inbound strategy and understand the Buyer Journey so that you serve the right information to the right person at the right time.

Module 12 – Online Advertising
This module will show you how to plan an online advertising campaign. It will help you put together an overall strategy for display advertising, write a creative brief, determine the best media for your objectives, understand how to maximize your return on investment and show you how to correctly budget for your online ad spend.


1 28/08/2017 09.30-12.30 Digital Marketing Strategy
2 28/08/2017 01.30-04.30 Search Engine Optimisation
3 04/09/2017 09.30-12.30 Google Adwords/PPC
4 04/09/2017 01.30-04.30 Online Video
5 11/09/2017 09.30-12.30 Writing for Digital Marketing
6 11/09/2017 01.30-04.30 Email Marketing & Lead Generation
7 18/09/2017 09.30-12.30 Website Analytics
8 18/09/2017 01.30-04.30 Data Protection and Cybersecurity
9 25/09/2017 09.30-12.30 Social Media & Your Online Brand I
10 25/09/2017 01.30-4.30 Social Media & Your Online Brand II
11 02/10/2017 09.30-12.30 Online Advertising
12 02/10/2017 01.30-04.30 Inbound Marketing

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