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Digital Media for Business

Start Date Tuesday, 9th April 2013
Duration All Four Days can be booked together or individual days of interest can be booked separately.
Start & Finish Time 9th, 16th, 23rd April & 13th May, 2013 - 9am- 5pm
Trainer Damien Mulley
Places A waiting list is currently in operation for this course. Please contact us if you'd like to be added.
Location River Lee Hotel (Old Jury's) Western Road, Cork
Members Fee €400.00
Non-Members Fee €520.00


These four days provide an in-depth insight into the latest innovations in Online Marketing and Digital Media. Each day covers two digital media topics in depth. The course is based on feedback from businesses who want to get an overview of digital media but to also examine each area of it in more detail.

It covers techniques for your own website such as copy writing and website structure, blogging and link building, using Twitter for business and the current technique for running campaigns on social networks such as Facebook. The course will also give an overview of social media use and look at LinkedIn for the business generation.

All four days can be booked in one block by members for €400 or individuals days can be booked for €125 each. To book an individual day please contact

The non-member price for all four days is €520 and €160 for each individual day.

Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable in particular to those who are marketing managers or look after the marketing function in a company. It is also suited for all levels of Staff with a basic understanding of the World Wide Web. - those that already work on the company website, know a little about search optimisation and are using Facebook and Twitter are suited to this course. Those that are new to SEO, Twitter, Facebook etc are advised to do the Beginner version of this course.
It is a non-technical course and is suitable for non-IT staff whose effectiveness would be enhanced by a greater awareness of the current state of the World Wide Web and techniques designed to attract more website visitors and convert them into customers.


Day One

-SEO and Website Structure
-Targeted Advertising

Day Two

-Blogging and Content Creation
-Facebook Intermediate

Day Three


Day Four

-Mobile Marketing, Mobile Applications
-Devising a Marketing Plan


Day One

SEO and Website Structure
Google and other search engines bring up to 80% of traffic to most websites. Being found on Google for multiple search phrases is of vital importance. Over three hours we will go through all the techniques that you can do to make sure you rank higher in search engines and get high quality leads coming to you from search engines. You will then be encouraged to research keywords after the class and make changes to your website for the following week.

Those that attend this module will understand how search engines work, will learn how to make small or large changes to a website to increase traffic to a website and come away with a plan on how to make their website get more visitors for keywords and phrases that they specify.

Targeted Advertising
Google and Facebook advertising can be used to supplement the traffic that comes organically from search engines. With good targeting you can generate even more leads to your website. The best advertising is price conscious and brings visitors direct to your offerings and should enhance website traffic, not be the main focus of your marketing drive

Attendees will see the benefits of taking out advertising online as well as the practicalities of executing targeted ad campaigns with specific budgets.

Day Two

Blogging and Content Creation
This module will cover the positive effects of companies blogging which include more quality website traffic and reputation building. Good blogging is about focused content creation and we’ll go through how to match your business objectives with blog posts. Companies don’t need a blog or want to start a blog for this module to be of benefit as creating any content on a website is covered here.

With this module completed attendees will know why blogs are good for a business and will be able to build a plan for their business blog that will increase traffic and leads to their website for particular topics that they specify.

Facebook - Intermediate
Facebook is the most popular social network in the world with over 900 Million monthly users and Facebook has designed their service to be a place where companies can do business through the likes of Facebook Advertising and Facebook Business Pages.

In this module we will examine how any business can use the tools that Facebook provide as a marketing and acquisition tool and how to set your business up on Facebook. We will also look at how to analyse progress on your Business Page.

After completing this module attendees will know how Facebook works, will be able to update or start a business presence for their company and will be able to implement a plan that will increase their Facebook subscribers and then use them to gain business or increase their profile.

Day Three

Twitter, the most hyped piece of technology is a bit like a severely stripped back and more public Facebook where people as consumers and as representatives of companies interact with each other. Twitter is the equivalent of one long networking event. Twitter is a good tool for doing business, if done right. We’ll go over setting up Twitter, how to add friends and colleagues and the toolset of it.

Attendees will know how Twitter works, will be able to set up a business profile, will know how to gain followers and use the reach of their followers to get direct business or increase awareness of their brand.

LinkedIn is a social network for business people to connect with other business people. It’s B2B focused unlike most other social networks that are B2C. We will go over creating a business profile and what aspects are most important before going through tools on LinkedIn that allow you to seek out potential business partners and leads.

On completion of this module attendees will have improved their LinkedIn profiles, will know what keywords to use, how to use their profile as a calling card for their work and how to use their network of contacts to get more leads and business.

Day Four

Mobile marketing, location services, mobile apps
With leaps in adoption of smart phones in Ireland and unofficial figures saying there’s 600k iPhones alone in Ireland, mobile is starting to make an impact in marketing. While mobile has always been classed as the next big thing, Twitter usage, Facebook usage and location aware apps are now becoming areas of big interest. This module will look at Irish examples of mobile apps, of “traditional” mobile marketing and marketing using location services.

On completion of this module attendees will have improved be familiar with mobile apps, the work involved in commissioning them and Irish examples of them. Attendees will also know about Foursquare, Facebook Places and location services and the potential for location marketing and also attendees will know how to use mobile advertising.

Devising a Marketing Plan
Taking everything we’ve learned from all the other modules we’ll design a marketing plan that incorporates SEO, buying ad placements, designing blog content, Twitter and Facebook content to push your messaging and generate business.

Attendees will know how to create a marketing plan for their social media properties and can devise one based on the resources available to them in their company. The plan will be a timeline of content to be produced and set live on their blog, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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