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Meet Your Members

Maria O’Riordan, Brookfield Leisure Centre

Brookfield Leisure centre is located on College Road, Cork. We offer an array of classes, facilities and trainers. What differentiates us from other leisure centre's is that we focus on the people not the profit meaning our main goal is helping our clients achieve their own personal fitness goals.

The two greatest things about doing business in Cork are the people and the location. As Cork is a relatively small city, most businesses and companies know and support one another. As these businesses also connect through the Cork Chamber they receive a brilliant support system and networking capabilities. That said the people that run these businesses and those inside Cork Chamber are always on hand to provide advice and support.

Cork Chamber connects businesses throughout the city thus allowing vast networking and support between businesses. This allows small businesses access to a safety net not provided in other cities.

Another major benefit we received from being a member of Cork Chamber is the advertising capabilities it provides. Advertising is perhaps the most expensive cost for any business but being a member of Cork Chamber straight away gives you creditability throughout Cork and Ireland.

Cork Chamber’s connection to over 100,000 business professionals is probably the most practical benefit of being a member.
Cork has the people and personality to rival any other city in the world and working with Cork Chamber can help everyone from entrepreneurs to MNC's reach their full potential which we need to do to become a word leader.

Cork Chamber is like the personal trainer encouraging us to push our boundaries and reach our goals.

Sinéad Healy, Translation Loft 

Translation Loft is a professional translation agency offering a range of language management services to help Irish businesses communicate with international customers. We ensure your multilingual content reads as though written by a native speaker, is credible, compelling, and has the exact style, tone and personality that you want to convey to your customers.

Cork is a perfect size – not too big and not too small, so it’s easy to move quickly in situations, find the information you need, and get support from other businesses.

Cork Chamber membership has given me access to over 1100 companies that can help my business daily. I can promote my services through the various communication channels offered by Cork Chamber. The highly subsidised training and development has been another key tool to develop my business.

 Pam O'Regan, Saville  Menswear

SAVILLE MENSWEAR is an established dynamic business in the heart of Cork city, it has dressed many famous and not so famous men over the years --- but prides itself on welcoming ALL customers and offering them expert style advice giving an excellent service in a beautiful environment dressing them from head to toe for ANY occasion!

Cork Chamber membership has worked for us in that it is:
1. Great for networking
2. Always a phone call away to give help and support in any way possible
3. Helped keep Cork City positive and worked with us during the recession

The best thing about doing business in Cork is the accessibility to all the Munster region and the fact that Cork city is a lovely easy city to visit and get around.

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