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Why you should join the Business Owners Hub

The Cork Chamber Business Owners Hub provides members with the opportunity to collaborate with each other and participate in meaningful discussions around the challenges and opportunities they encounter on a daily basis.

Read below testimonials from past participants of the Hub have to say about their experience of the Business Owners Hub.


"As the Founder of, accelerating small Irish Businesses into new International Markets I am a strong advocate of always seeking to learn new skills and gain more experience from others. I was therefore happy to join the new Cork Chamber Business Owners Hub series. The speakers were all relevant and knowledgeable, and perhaps most importantly the interaction with fellow Entrepreneurs was insightful. I took away useful information, and believe I was able to contribute myself. I commend the series to any Entrepreneur or manager who embraces change as a positive."

Andrew Wood, Brandlock


"I attended the 4 sessions of the Business Owners Hub and found that I got ideas from each session that I was able to use in my business and in my clients' businesses to increase profits and make better use of time. Learning was achieved both from the facilitators and from the lively discussions among the attendees. We also had a number of social sessions outside of class that were entertaining and useful networking events. "

Kevin O'Keefe, Action Coach


"I found the Cork Chamber Business Owners Hub very beneficial. It is great to spend time in an interactive setting with other like-minded business owners who are looking to grow their businesses. The course covered finance, legal, HR & marketing and I was able to leave each workshop better informed. I would highly recommend the Business Owner’s Hub to any entrepreneur or business person interested in growing their company."

Ed Donovan, Heartaid.


"The Business Owners Hub was a great introduction to the ins and outs of small business legislation, employment laws, business structuring and much more. Great way to network with like minded people and enjoy a break form the office environment. Very relaxed and entertaining too! Trainers had specific course material addressing the relevant needs of the members present. It has benefitted and complimented my existing skills."


Patricia O'Flaherty, A Touch of Magic


 "The Business Owners Hub was a great experience to network with many members of the Chamber, learn about different industries, see how some of the issues that face businesses these days are common across the board. As more companies go through the Hub process it will become a standard for Chamber members to learn new from each other and support each other in building long term networks in the future ."

Richard Morrissey, Moneycorp


"As a relatively new member of Cork Chamber I was delighted to be part of the first Business Owners Hub. Participants really lead the hub bringing their business issues to the table. The diversity and dynamics of the group was great, from new business start-ups to others who were more experienced in business. There was never a hub session where you felt you didn’t learn absolutely nothing..even if you came away with one small piece of information that was great or if something just reinforced things you had forgotten but knew you should be doing..there was lots of little gems like that throughout the sessions.

For such a diverse group it might not have worked but it worked so well for us we decided to continue to meet up to see how we evolve.. that for me was the nub of the hub."

Deborah Maguire,


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