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Cork & China Connections

Why do business in China?

China has great potential as a market and many companies are attracted by the stories of double digit growth in the last few years.  However the single biggest mistake that companies make, is thinking that entering the Chinese market or trading with China will be a quick way to make easy money. Opportunities exist for Irish businesses in China, however thorough preparation and market research are key to doing business successfully. Companies must have a clear strategy and be prepared to invest time and resources in China, often over a period of years, before they can expect any kind of return on their investment.   

How Cork Chamber can help 

One of the terms that is regularly used in literature relating to Chinese business customs is "guanxi" (pron. gwan-shee). This is the Chinese term used to describe the complex networks of personal relationships that are fundamental in Chinese society, particularly in doing business, but also for other aspects of daily life. It is vital that you build up your "guanxi" when doing business in China in order to help you get introductions to people who may be able to assist you with progressing your business.

Over the past few years, Cork Chamber has been been working on building up a network of contacts in China on behalf of our members. This section of our website is dedicated to helping you to research the Chinese market, identify potential business partners and more importantly, to identify the regions where Cork Chamber, and other relevant Cork organisations, have established relationships which may provide a stepping stone for your business when planning your China strategy.

For more information on any of the content in this section of the website please contact Katherine.

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